Solutions for Capital markets


Access evolving, up-to-date records capturing the structure and leadership for 16,000 global companies and 125,000 executives.

Ranging from contact information, industry focus, and company valuation--to executive compensation (stock options included) and employment history, Marketsight provides you the critical data about the most influential businesses and leaders out there.

Highlighted use-cases:

  • Executive recruitment
  • Lead generation for sales and marketing
  • Data warehouse/marketplace population
  • CRM solutions
  • Analyzing industry trends and standards for compensation and infrastructure
  • Tracking hires, fires, and reorganization


Powerful, actionable insights into the world of private equity and venture capital.

License rich datasets to find contacts and information you need, whether to raise funds or get a leg up in business intelligence. FundSight is powered by constant updates from diverse sources that capture critical information on global universe of financial sponsor firms and people, across the entire spectrum of industry sectors.

Highlighted use-cases:

  • Understanding investment focus
  • Market analysis
  • Investment banking lead generation
  • Fund-raising
  • Market analysis
  • Interpret trends and cash-flow

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