About Us

We are guided in by our fundamental belief that access and understanding are what lead to actionable opportunities and continued growth. Greensight is dedicated to helping organizations that run the professional gamut – helping them to find the knowledgebase, clients, partners, and funders they need to grow.

Ariel Katz


Ian Sax

Chief Data Officer

Josh Geisler

Research Operations

Avery Teplow

Business Development

Paul Huang

Product Manager

Zach Lite

Architecture & Design

Kalman Victor


Prabhakar Kotapati

Associate VP of Research

Sourav Batra

Product Architect

Srilatha Panditaradhyula

Research Manager

Amit Srivastava

Product Manager

Our Values

Strive to put the team’s interests before your own. Be a part of the team.

Be the best version of yourself.

Humans are imperfect beings. We all make mistakes. Celebrate failure by learning for the future.

Success takes sacrifice.

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